получение результата (решение задачи) методами нечёткой логики
см. тж. fuzzification

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  • Defuzzification — is the process of producing a quantifiable result in fuzzy logic, given fuzzy sets and corresponding membership degrees. It is typically needed in fuzzy control systems. These will have a number of rules that transform a number of variables into… …   Wikipedia

  • defuzzification — noun A process, in fuzzy logic, of producing a useful outcome from fuzzy data …   Wiktionary

  • Fuzzy control system — Fuzzy control and Fuzzy Control redirect here. For the rock band, see Fuzzy Control (band). A fuzzy control system is a control system based on fuzzy logic a mathematical system that analyzes analog input values in terms of logical variables that …   Wikipedia

  • Neuro-fuzzy — In the field of artificial intelligence, neuro fuzzy refers to combinations of artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic. Neuro fuzzy was proposed by J. S. R. Jang. Neuro fuzzy hybridization results in a hybrid intelligent system that synergizes …   Wikipedia

  • Fuzzy logic — is a form of multi valued logic derived from fuzzy set theory to deal with reasoning that is approximate rather than precise. Just as in fuzzy set theory the set membership values can range (inclusively) between 0 and 1, in fuzzy logic the degree …   Wikipedia

  • Fuzzy set — Fuzzy sets are sets whose elements have degrees of membership. Fuzzy sets have been introduced by Lotfi A. Zadeh (1965) as an extension of the classical notion of set. [# L.A. Zadeh (1965) Fuzzy sets. Information and Control 8 (3) 338 353 …   Wikipedia

  • Fuzzy associative matrix — A fuzzy associative matrix expresses fuzzy logic rules in matrix form. These rules usually take two variables as input, mapping cleanly to a two dimensional matrix, although theoretically a matrix of any number of dimensions is possible.Let s… …   Wikipedia

  • List of mathematics articles (D) — NOTOC D D distribution D module D D Agostino s K squared test D Alembert Euler condition D Alembert operator D Alembert s formula D Alembert s paradox D Alembert s principle Dagger category Dagger compact category Dagger symmetric monoidal… …   Wikipedia

  • Membership function (mathematics) — The membership function of a fuzzy set is a generalization of the indicator function in classical sets. In fuzzy logic, it represents the degree of truth as an extension of valuation. Degrees of truth are often confused with probabilities,… …   Wikipedia

  • Fuzzy electronics — is an electronic technology that uses fuzzy logic, instead of the two value logic more commonly used in digital electronics. It has a wide range applications, including control systems and artificial intelligence. See also * Defuzzification *… …   Wikipedia

  • Linear partial information — (LPI) is a method of making decisions based on insufficient or fuzzy information. LPI was introduced in 1970 by Polish Swiss mathematician Edward Kofler (1911 2007) to simplify decision processes. Comparing to other methods the LPI fuzziness is… …   Wikipedia

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